Which Type of Attraction Are You Stuck In? And How Is This Impacting Who You’re Attracted To?

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Feeling attraction to someone is often the foundation of our relationships. Unfortunately feeling an attraction in our body isn’t always based on compatibility. The reason we’re attracted to someone will be based on one of six fundamental neural attraction programs.

One of the greatest hurdles is that we are often attracted to the very thing that will end up making us miserable.

Sadly, we are almost always attracted to people and experiences that will fulfil an unconscious and destructive program that has been installed through our cultural and familial beliefs and experience. This is why, after decades of research, I have categorised attraction into 6 types – and this simple tool to help you identify what your attraction style is.

Once you see why you are attracting the types of people and relationship experiences that you do, you will be able to finally break the cycle and upgrade your relationships starting right now.

Which of the six attraction styles is yours?

Discover your personal Attraction Style and why you keep on attracting the same experiences in love and relationship.

The 6 Types of Attraction Profiling Tool Includes:

ZUnderstanding The 6 Types Of Attraction

Learn about the 6 different types of attraction that are possible and how each of them affects potential and current relationship.

ZDiscover Your Personal Attraction Style

Learn which of the attraction styles is your unconscious, potentially pre-determined style and how it is affecting who you are attracted to or the state of your current relationship.

ZReceive access to MORE tools

Your results will be available to you on your personal love codes portal. Where you will also be invited to access more tools and resources.


ZGet to know the Love Codes Audio Training (value $495)

Discover the elusive key to consistent long term success in love with an introduction to the 5 Love Codes.


Belinda Bailey

A Bit About Belle

Belinda is an extraordinary Love and Relationship educator and coach with 20 plus years of training and experience in Transpersonal Psychology and Neural and behavioural change; as well as a growing education in  cutting edge Quantum psychology, and epigenetics that help people to rewire their neurology and live the life and relationships of their choice. 

As well as working with women & couples, she delivers training to groups with her flagship program The Love Codes as her most popular course to date.

What makes her unlike other experts in this field is her own experience in relationship and how she is able to help  you create a relationships as a means to spiritual and personal awakening while intuitively seeing what’s there for you and making you feel safe to explore and grow.  Relationship mastery is more than a career for her it is a gift that she was born with.

Want to know why you continue to attract the same relationship experience? Discover your attraction style.

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