Let’s face it, almost all of us have or have had the belief That somehow we are going to find that thing that completes us.
That answers all Of the questions and in it, we won’t feel doubt or scared or unsure.
We won’t feel anxiety or boredom.
Where we will feel like our life is now complete.

Well to be honest this is not reality.

It’s not to say that we can’t be happy. But happiness isn’t something that comes from finding the perfect …..

And when we finally accept and realise that we ARE looking for happiness. Or fulfillment from our partners and our jobs then we can really get down to the work of creating that experience of fulfillment and happiness in our selves and finally free our poor old partners and jobs from the shackles we’ve placed on them of needing to be perfect.

And then, the craziest thing happens. We start to find true happiness and love in our relationships and we find deep fulfillment in our work!!

Now that’s not to say that there isn’t work to be done sometimes in discovering what or how to be with your most ultimate choice of partner or your most soul aligned work choices.

More often that not we have inner blocks to accepting the best and most ultimate choices for ourselves and this is real. And the only way to
Overcome it is to knuckle down and do the work.

But this is exactly the thing that we can only get to when we first release our unrealistic expectations from outside sources.

And to be honest, it’s a collectively held unconscious agreement to have this externally projected expectations. It’s almost inescapable. It’s held in our cultural mythology. It’s in advertising. Movies. Fairy tales. Absolutely everywhere we look and hear. So it’s not our fault that we have this deeply embedded pattern. But! It is our fault if we don’t do something about it.

And what can we do about it?
The very first and most important thing is looking at ourselves and admitting that we are doing it. Honestly this is the most giant step. The hardest one and the most profoundly transformative.

And from here is where we can really start to do the work! Xx