Until you can feel like a beautiful, worthy woman in your tracky dacks, you don’t know what it means to be a Goddess.trackydacks

With the resurgence of the Goddess and new age spiritualism now pretty much mainstream could it be that we have gone too far to the other side with the reclaiming of the feminine? Swinging her from one unobtainable fraction of society to another?

In my humble inner northern suburbs of Melbourne opinion.  Until you can feel like a beautiful, awesome, worthy woman in your tracky dacks, you don’t know what it means to be a Goddess.

There are so  many images that we have in circulation these days supposing to be reclaiming the feminine, to be embodying what it means to be a Goddess that are actually based on mythological goddesses or deities, or impossible yogi’s who spend their entire life working on their bodies.   For the average woman, these are  completely unobtainable ideals.   Object in question below…..goddess

These images and ideas are supposedly shunning the traditional unrealistic idea of womanhood and  beauty to reclaim the feminine, but I wonder if they are simply replacing the old outdated, unobtainable idea of being a woman, with another unobtainable idea.

It seems that the old image of being a neat submissive, woman with a pretty humble dress, manicured nails and perfect hair has simply been replaced with a sexy wild woman with ‘earthy’ amazonian like minimal clothing, tribal style jewellery, bindis and yoga ab’s.

The old idea of  woman that we now have begun to shun was one that engaged in such activities as cooking, sewing and possibly even playing a musical instrument to entertain her guests.  She was obedient to her partner and her goals in life were to be a good wife and have children and keep a nice home.  Now our apparent freedom as we become a ‘goddess’ seems to have the unwritten necessity of yoga, hula hooping, the latest dance form and preferably some form of activism.  As well as, live a strong motto of freedom from needs, as though we don’t need a man, don’t need security and are willing and able to make our creative endeavours an empire that can take over the world..

Sound like a yogi, hoop wielding, manga super hero??

Have we just replaced one ‘must be/do’ with another one. But with a ‘spiritual’ bent, that makes it ok?


Don’t get me wrong, I myself am a yoga teacher and a dancer.  Ive been a professional dancer since I was a teenager because its all I ever wanted to do.  And I learned and loved yoga from a very young age too as I found it a way to connect to my higher source and channel my over active mind: It was always a very meditative practice.

Its just that, as I look around now to the magazines, talk shows and empowerment circles it is starting to look as though, in the name of being ‘spiritual’ or ’empowered,’ we as women have given ourselves another ‘standard’ to live up to, in order to be a ‘Goddess’.

I’d like to suggest, that unless we can replace our yoga with meditation (so as to keep doing it for reasons of self enquiry and lose the abs.) Dance only on your own and not tell anyone about it, so that it truly is a form of self expression and creativity and bung out in your uncool tracky dacks.  And still feel like a Goddess, then you’ve got a ways to go.happy

I’m not suggesting that these activities and adornments need to be avoided, Im just wondering if we may need to look at our reasons for doing them.  And explore who you we are without them.   And ask ourselves are they just a new age, more acceptable way of covering up our still shaky sense of low self worth?

I can’t help but feel that a true Goddess is someone that knows and accepts herself, even the parts she finds uncomfortable.  And doesn’t need to fit in with any culture or subculture, she is a real renegade.  She can sit with herself and admit all the things that she needs and wants even if they don’t fit the latest paradigm of cool without being ashamed or in judgment of herself.

She is able to share her real self, even if it doesn’t fit with the authenticity consensus and even though it makes her vulnerable and she still feels a sense of self love and worthiness, even if her needs and feelings and ideas are unusual or unpopular.

She can have an untoned but luscious and healthy body, and admit that she wants things like security and could be happy to just be and not build an empire so long as she makes ends meet.  If that so be her truth.

This is what it means to be a Goddess.

When you can admit your true needs, desires and basic self, regardless of the latest popular image of what a woman needs to be.  Be it mainstream or subculture then you are worthy of wearing this title.

Im working on it.. hope you are too.belle

This is me, au naturale!

Thanks for reading, watching and sharing.

With love,