Do you forget how to communicate with your partner? Have you found yourself being more ‘directive’ than ‘attractive’?

A very warm welcome everyone, to this episode of The Good News Guide!! A loving collection of conversations, stories, ideas, practices and tools from the greatest teachers, speakers, thought leaders, healers and humans on the planet.

This week, Lisa delves deep into the world of relationship communication with the wonderful, amazing and absolutely masterful Belinda “Belle” Bailey. She shares some truly priceless, incredibly incisive pearls of wisdom, on how we communicate in our relationships.

We all know that communication is key, in any relationship, but how much attention do we really give it? It is very easy to confuse communication with direction, projection and/or accusation.

We live in a society of social pressure to always get everything right. As a result; we all have a tendency to externalise all of (what we perceive to be) our faults. From business relationships to personal ones, we are always looking to mitigate responsibility for failure. Why?!

If you feel stuck in your relationship, because you just don’t know how to communicate with your partner, or are maybe stuck trying to figure out how you feel – there is something here to offer you hope and a greater awareness.

Belinda is so generous with her time and wisdom in this video. She shows us some amazing home-truths about how we communicate as women and men. Through her heightened perspective and skills as a relationship expert, she offers some beautifully loving ways in which we can approach ourselves and our relationships, in order to grow into the best versions of ourselves.

Lisa is an author, speaker, truth seeker with qualifications in numerous energy modalities. She is passionate about life and it is with her big heart and love of humans, combined with an innate ability to communicate, that she effortlessly uncovers the gold that exists within people and their lives.

Lisa has been deeply immersed in the world of personal development for well over a decade and has experienced the gifts of deeply transforming oneself from suffering and surviving to thriving. She brings to the table a real rawness, integrity, authenticity and infectious energy that has people deeply engaged in her conversations and work.

Her inspiration and her ‘why’ is to support people in reconnecting with the immense power that resides within them, and remembering that they are more extraordinary, more beautiful and more powerful than they have ever known.

02:00 – Welcome back Belinda
04:50 – Non-violent communication
09:13 – Why do we make everything about ourselves?
11:57 – The Four Pillars – Relationship communication between the sexes
18:38 – He wants to be your hero
23:05 – The Four Pillars – Communication Styles
28:49 – ‘Attractive’ communication does not equal ‘weak’
31:45 – The Four Pillars – Needs Vs Neediness
35:36 – Being clear on our needs stops us being needy
39:20 – The Four Pillars – The leaving of a gap
42:45 – The dangers of avoidance
46:20 – To do this work, takes courage
50:49 – What Belinda’s work is all about
54:15 – Next time with Belinda…