I was wondering where to start with my very first blog and after countless conversations and sessions with women, the two main topics that seem to be the burning questions are:

Number one – How to find and get the guy and..

Number two – Once you have him how to make the sex truly satisfying.

So I figured I’d start at the beginning, so for all of you who already have a guy or two, be patient while the rest of us catch up!

I went through a time in my life where there was, to put it blankly, a serious shortage of seemingly eligible men around.  These days, praise be to the gods “that is a thing of the past.”

So on deep reflection, and many women asking how on earth I did it?

And a lot of enjoyable research 😉 a few things have been made really clear to me.

Here it is:

The first mistake that most woman make is, believing there is a shortage of men or good men around.  I challenge you, to challenge your idea of what a good man is.  Most of you I am sure have a ‘list’ of what your perfect man looks like, does for a living, how he dresses, speaks etc.  Well perhaps you are ‘looking for love in all the wrong places.’

Certainly if you are still looking without satisfaction, could it be that your search is too narrow?  Could it be that what you think you want is not what you actually need?  Well if you have been finding men that seemingly meet your list but it just never happens then I would bet that it is probably the case.  And if you are simply never meeting any men that meet your list, then sister, your list is unrealistic.

I implore you all to rip up those lists and start again and as number one, right at the top of your list you put #1 – HE IS TOTALLY INTO ME.

This is, I assure you a very attractive quality in a man, and if you don’t think it is then this is the first belief that needs to be changed around.  Think about it, what woman doesn’t want a man to pursue and chase her?

With this as number one on your list now, look around wherever you go.  The supermarket, work, the bus stop, anywhere!  And notice just how many men are totally into you.  Forget about wondering if he turns you on right then and there, how much money he earns, what his parents are like, does he want to have children, will he be intimidated by my success.  Just relish and luxuriate in the intense pleasure of having men adore you.  LET THEM.  Dig it.

After a few weeks of doing this I assure you, you will start to feel like an irresistible Goddess, and this is the first step at getting into your own juiciness and confidence.  All of a sudden you have a plethora of men to choose from.  Sure some of them you wouldn’t speak to, let alone take home to mum.  But girls, if you aren’t getting any, we have to start at the beginning, start at the place of getting into your juicy, desirous self and this is just the ticket.

All of you in relationships already, don’t think that this doesn’t count for you.  Monogamy doesn’t mean turning off your turn on, in fact this is probably a big part of why the juiciness feels lacking in your relationship.  Men are turned on by you being turned on and I guarantee you that as a woman, no matter what your age or relationship status, we all need to be adored by members of the opposite sex.

After this discovery myself, I was a little afraid of what other girls might think of me.  Would they think I’m a flirt?  A threat to them?  Would they not want to be my friend anymore and would I be called a slut? ( a whole other story for another time on why is that a bad word anyway??) Well I decided it was either, protect this fear and be the nice girl with lots of friends and a dried up loverless old hag or, take a chance.  To my surprise, the women around me found it an inspiration to find their own juiciness and play with their own feminine energy, it turned out the men and women around me were all the more happy for it.  Of course this new approach comes with having fun and playfulness and good clear and appropriate boundaries.

Try it, I dare you and let me know how you go.

Thanks for reading, watching and sharing.

With love,