Hi I’m Belinda

Let’s face it, there are so many of us women who feel like our life is moving beautifully in most areas, but we still feel frustrated and confused when it comes to men! Love and relationships are crucially important to us, so why does it continue to elude us when we are smart and emotionally intelligent women?

Using my skills in Transpersonal Psychology, Neural and Behavioural change along with cutting edge Quantum Psychology, meditation and epigenetics, I help people to rewire their neurology and live the life and relationships they desire.

I am living proof that you can have the relationship you desire

6 Types of Attraction

Have you ever wondered about your attraction type? I have distilled our attraction down to 6 categories.
Some of which lead to healthy relating and some of which lead to destructive connections.

The Poison Blurt process is a neuro plasticity process that will powerfully change your destructive unconscious beliefs around relationship and provide you with a lifeline out of the old and into a new, upgraded way to be in a relationship.

Love Life Spectrum Profile

Find out where you are on the Love Life Spectrum and so that you can bring wisdom and transformation to attracting the right partner or transforming your current relationship.

‘Before I met Belinda I was feeling hopeless and resigned about romantic relationships – the way to a man’s heart has always eluded me’.

Intimacy Coach

‘Belinda is an exceptional and insightful coach. She has a great capacity to be both compassionate and direct which is effective in helping you to cut through your patterns and gain insight and positive action’.

Festival Director, Seven Sisters Festival

‘Before I met Belinda, I was a 31 year old woman divorced and living a life of chaos, not knowing who I was or where I was meant to be going’.

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