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We all want to find that authentic connected relationship where we feel met, adored and cared for by a man who’s in his power. And once we’ve found it – we want to hold on to it!  Sadly, without any quality tools, dating and relationships can feel like we are always fighting a losing battle. The biggest issue being that, no one has ever taught us these invaluable tools of HOW to relate with wisdom and be in a healthy and loving relationship.  But they are available!

Through decades of research and working with couples and singles, I have identified the Love Life Spectrum that people embody. All of us have an almost predetermined Spectrum that we operate from unknowingly.

Each of Love Life Spectrums has their pro’s and con’s which substantially affect the quality of relationship you will find yourself in and until we are able to identify which Spectrum is our baseline, we will continue to attract and experience the same relationship over and over again.

This profiling tool will help you identify your current Spectrum and start upgrading to a healthier more resourceful Spectrum, which will upgrade the partners you attract or the relationship that you are in.

Which of the Love Life Spectrums do you embody?

This simple tool will help you to identify and upgrade the quality of relationships that you attract or are currently in.

Love Life Spectrum Profiling Tool…

ZIdentify your personal default Love Life Spectrum. 

Complete the questionnaire to determine which of the Love Life Spectrum is your default.

ZDiscover how your default Spectrum affects your love and relationships.

Take a look at how your Spectrum is determining who you attract and what kind of relationship you will have.

ZReceive access to MORE tools

Your results will be available to you on your personal love codes portal. Where you will also be invited to access more tools and resources.


ZGet to know the Love Codes Audio Training (value $495)

Discover the elusive key to consistent long term success in love with an introduction to the 5 Love Codes.


Belinda Bailey

A Bit About Belle

Belinda is an extraordinary Love and Relationship educator and coach with 20 plus years of training and experience in Transpersonal Psychology and Neural and behavioural change; as well as a growing education in  cutting edge Quantum psychology, and epigenetics that help people to rewire their neurology and live the life and relationships of their choice. 

As well as working with women & couples, she delivers training to groups with her flagship program The Love Codes as her most popular course to date.

What makes her unlike other experts in this field is her own experience in relationship and how she is able to help  you create a relationships as a means to spiritual and personal awakening while intuitively seeing what’s there for you and making you feel safe to explore and grow.  Relationship mastery is more than a career for her it is a gift that she was born with.

Are you ready to MASTER love?

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