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Love Life Spectrum Profile

Love Life Spectrum Profile


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Do you know what the 3 most common mistakes we make with men are?

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I'm forever grateful

"I feel extremely blessed that I have been able to work with Belinda and her amazing work has allowed David and my relationship to flourish! Belinda you truly are an inspiration and can’t I thank you enough!"

Vanessa Loprete

We're now deliriously happy

"I finally understand relationships from a man’s point of view – what they seek and what they need and how we as females can always make him feel like the hero and provider and actually get our needs met."

Luisa Cardamone

I used to feel like a failure

"After doing Belinda’s program I now know that I have all the tools to finding my soul mate and my true love. In fact the night I finished Belinda’s program, I met a guy who danced with me, talked all night long and asked me on a date the next day!"

Alicia Hastie

I feel valued, supported & safe

"I was single when I started this work and now I am in a relationship that feels like nothing I have experienced. Working with Belinda has made this possible. I have finally developed an ability to be more vulnerable."

Lisa Winneke

Before I met Belinda I was at a loss

"I felt like a failure after having two failed marriages. After doing Belinda’s program I now know that I have all the tools to finding my soul mate and my true love."

Karen Castle

Belinda is an exceptional coach

"Now I feel comfortable entering relationships feeling more confident that I can assess if I have found the right partner and save time, heartache and effort."

Dr. Lauren Woodman

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