THE LOVE CODES – Mastering Love

I am the expert, not only because of all my years of training, research and practice with women all over the globe.  But because I was that woman for sooo long.  Relationship, dating and men in general had me totally baffled, confused, frustrated and alone! So, as many women who have done ‘The Love Codes’ will tell you, I have dedicated my life to working out HOW to attract good men, HOW to inspire commitment and HOW to keep your relationship Juicy long term.  And the bottom line is that Love Codes works.  It has been getting results for all sorts of women like Vanessa who says

Before I met Belinda I was a 31 y/o divorced women and living a life of chaos.  I had given up hope of any good relationships ever existing and had terrible relationship habits that I couldn’t break.  After 3 months of working with Belinda my life changed!! I met my amazing partner David.  All I did was use the tools Belinda has lovingly taught me.  The joy and happiness that David has brought to my life, no words can express.  We just  bought a home together and are happily ENGAGED.  It’s truly amazing!  I feel extremely blessed that I have been able to work with Belinda and ‘The Love Codes’ has allowed David and my relationship to flourish! Belinda you truly are an inspiration and I cant thank you enough.  Forever Grateful – Vanessa Loprete

But I reckon, the best part of this program is that it wont ask you to do anything that is fake or inauthentic.  It is really real, down to earth and has you feeling MORE like yourself than before….. So,

Why do ‘The Love Codes – Mastering Love’  –   This Program will assist you in understanding men, love and relationships.  Discover what you truly want, what is holding you back.  As well as how to attract and sustain real love and understanding in relationship whilst inspiring men or your man to step up and claim his space as your awesome man.

You will receive 

  • Personal Relationship Profiling
  • Juicy Relating handbook
  • PLUS BONUS PROGRAM – 2 hour audio training ‘Finding and Keeping Love’
  • Support in applying the pillars of juicy relating
  • Personal questions and answers that you have about any of the work we do as well as
  • Communication translation
  • Relationship guidance
  • Discovering and changing your negative patterns in relationship
  • Eradicating doubt

This looks like – 


The New Paradigm –  HOW to be focused on your needs without any feelings of guilt and using this as a way to feel really loved and adored

Attractive persuasion – Creating robust and resourceful states to be abel to access a  ‘masculine’ or productive state for things like work and getting shit done as well as a very robust ‘feminine’ state to access in your relationship with men so that you are able to be the one being taken care of, feel loved and be abel to really receive his attention and love.

Invisible Influence – You and I both know that men and women speak a different language, well I happen to speak both man and woman!  This part of our coaching is where you will learn specific communication skills that will enable you to have him actually understand you and give you what you really want which is the key to transforming the relationship you have to being the relationship that you really want

Layered Vulnerability – Vulnerability is key to having a real, deep and connected relationship however, most of us have had experiences in life that have left us wounded and scared and with very good reason to not be vulnerable.  Layered Vulnerability is the part of our coaching where you will learn exactly HOW to be vulnerable whilst feeling confident and maintaining safety.

Reprogramming – The best part about the work I do with you is that it is awesome insight and advice as well as reprogramming.  We will discover your specific patterns that have become habitual and unconscious and will re-program them so that you no longer do them.  You don’t even have to think about doing things differently.  We install a new more resourceful habit to your psyche which becomes your new way of being in relationship.  Finally free of old relationship destroying habits.

Relationship guide – The best part of it all is that you get one on one time with me as your relationship guide.  This is time that I do not give out very often as most of my time is spent with groups or in my own juicy relationship, so if you are reading this then you are one of the few clients that has been through enough of my training or referred by a much loved past client to be invited to take part in this offer.

The program runs for 3 months and you will have 

  • Fortnightly sessions with me where you receive this training and re-coding as well as this time with me to personally apply what you are learning to your life in real time and
  • Unlimited email and sms access to me.

PLUS you also get

  • Relationship profiling This is a comprehensive questionnaire that will give us a specific understanding of YOUR personal relationship patterns that keep playing out.  Where they come from & how they hold you back from having the love and relationship you want
  • Juicy Relating Handbook That is exclusive to the Juicy Relating Graduates and is full of information, insight and new skills to be a master of relationship/dating