I was recently at a 5-day outdoor music and camping festival.  This particular festival is known for its hedonistic fun, late nights and pushing the limits of just how much fun is possible.  I was camped with my awesome group of friends including my very sassy bombshell of a friend who is renowned for being the ultimate party girl. This particular woman is truly famous for pushing the limits in not only partying but in all facets of life.  She is an absolute dynamo, a leader in her profession and avid contributor to her community and anything else that is going on.  So at 11pm when most people are just getting on their sequin hot pants and their attitude of bring it on, I found her curled up in her van ready for sleep! I was shocked and asked her the question ‘Why are you in bed already?’ Her response… ‘Because I love myself’ I smiled to myself and quietly walked away so pleased to be reminded of how lucky I am to be surrounded by real Goddesses that know how to be a Queen and therefor receive adoration from others, namely men.  And that’s right, I said Queen as I hereby announce the re-titling of a woman who treats herself with precious love as a Queen!


It’s so important to realise that the men in our life will take their cue on how to treat you by how you treat yourself.  If you do what you want and give to yourself what pleases you he will follow suit.  If on the other hand you act like a workhorse he will treat you like one.  Men actually like princesses, yes they may call you that in a derogatory way but, I am sure you have all had moments of wondering why these seemingly selfish and self centered women always end up with these men that dote all over them.  Women that don’t cook, don’t clean don’t do anything and they end up having these guys that just do everything for them.  The most infuriating thing is when it is your ex boyfriend, who when you were with him, sat around doing nothing all day and you would make dinner and hope for him to thank you for it but it turned into expectation and now he is with this chic who does nothing and he is tripping over himself to serve her and she is not even any where near as good looking as you to boot!!  So, what does she have that you don’t?  She goes to bed early at the party because…  She loves herself!

A man wants to have a princess, a Queen.  I mean really, if given the choice, who would choose a servant over royalty?  You become his prize, if you think of and treat yourself like gold, like a treasure then he will realise and feel like he has hit the jackpot by having the honour of being your man. And of course if you are Gold, then so must he be.

This is an incredibly different way of operating to what we have been told.  The idea that we are meant to serve our man, take care of him, look after him and treat him like a God.  Don’t get me wrong, it IS our job to make our man FEEL like a God. This is done however by being a Queen and we be his Queen, by acting like one and giving him the opportunity to be his spunky, strong, capable, gorgeous, loving self.  Because he is, even if you can’t see it, it’s in there and we have the honour and pleasure of helping him to bring it out.

Thanks for reading, watching and sharing.

With love,