Its funny how the very thing that we think we want as women is the very thing we avoid..

Perhaps it’s that the very thing we desire is also the very thing that we fear…excitement

A part of us wants to be swept off our feet, to feel like a girl, to get excited and giddy like we did when we were 16 waiting for him to call, wondering if he would ask us out etc.  But as we ‘mature’ if we are waiting for him to call we start to feel angry and indignant like, how dare he make me wait, who does he think he is any way!?  This is our way of avoiding the feeling of insecurity that we ‘think’ we need to avoid, but it’s this very feeling of insecurity that brings us that feeling of bubbles and giddiness that we are actually looking for.  So, does that mean, that when we grow up, we demand security and this is exactly the thing that is killing the excitement?

If so, then how do we tell the difference between a healthy insecurity that allows us to feel excited and desirous and a situation where we are simply being ignored and not cherished…?punched

How do we know when waiting for that call is too long and its time to kick him to the curb?  Or just our protective mechanism kicking in?

How do we love as though we have never been hurt before???

Love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this…. Ill share mine very soon and until then.. Stay Juicy.
Thanks for reading, watching and sharing.

With love,