Personalised Coaching

As women, we love and thrive on connection and support, doing it alone is the masculine way.  The feminine way is collaborative. 


Why Personalised Coaching?

My personalised coaching sessions are designed as a way to  give you the support necessary so that you can really let go and know that you are being guided with a loving, wise and integral hand and heart so that you are not doing it on your own.

Who is it for?

I have very few Private Coaching spots each year and they are offered to women who have already done the Love Codes Program. The great thing about this coaching is that it can be done on your own whilst you are searching for Love. Or if you are in a relationship you can have couples sessions. Men LOVE this work and coaching couples is my speciality.

You will receive support in continuing and applying the Codes along with…

Dating advice

Each date and man is individual and so when you are first stepping out there in your new paradigm it can be essentially helpful to have personal step by step guidance with me to ensure you use each situation to enhance your yellow brick road and bring out the best in him too.

Message translation 

This needs very little explanation.  I help you to decipher and construct messages either online or sms so that you are not left guessing and you are able to attract him using invisible influence.

Relationship guide 

The best part of it all is that you get one on one time with me as your relationship/dating guide.  This is time that I do not give out very often as most of my time is spent with groups or in my own fairyland and relationship, so if you are reading this then you are one of the few clients that has been through enough of my training to be invited to take part in this offer.

Personalised Coaching program – only available to people who have completed the program.

It includes:

  • 6 live sessions which covers the following
  • Love Codes reprogramming – (discover your origin experience that created your personal destructive love and relationship pattern and eliminate it from your unconscious programming)
  • Blurts – complete your blurt transformation with expertise and personal attention
  • Dating profiling – Create a dating profile that incorporates the codes and attracts quality men
  • Live situational relationship coaching
  • Attraction styles
  • What’s app live on the spot current situational support unlimited
  • Texting handbook

Upon application only


I'm forever grateful

“I feel extremely blessed that I have been able to work with Belinda and her amazing work has allowed David and my relationship to flourish! Belinda you truly are an inspiration and can’t I thank you enough!”

Vanessa Loprete

We're now deliriously happy

“I finally understand relationships from a man’s point of view – what they seek and what they need and how we as females can always make him feel like the hero and provider and actually get our needs met.”

Luisa Cardamone

I used to feel like a failure

“After doing Belinda’s program I now know that I have all the tools to finding my soul mate and my true love. In fact the night I finished Belinda’s program, I met a guy who danced with me, talked all night long and asked me on a date the next day!”

Alicia Hastie

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