I’ve had the privilege of working with so many amazing women. Their feedback, opinions, thoughts & feelings are hugely valuable to me and hopefully also to you.

I was single when I started this work and now I am in a relationship that feels like nothing I have ever experienced.  I feel valued, supported and safe. Working with Belinda has made this possible.

I am allowing myself to be more and more vulnerable and the way this is being met is giving me more confidence to open myself up.
I have developed an ability to be more vulnerable (first by developing this with myself), speak from my feelings rather than the dominant and directive way of communicating; learnt to lean back and not control the way I used to and therefore, allow him to lead more and feel like my ‘hero’. Essentially I have stepped into being more in my feminine which was really just a cognitive idea until working with Belinda!

48 - Coach, Author, Speaker

Before I met Belinda I was a 31 year old woman divorced and living a life of chaos, not knowing who I was or where I was meant to be going.

I’d given up hope of any good relationship’s ever existing and had terrible relationship habits, that I couldn’t break.

3 months later my life changed! I met my amazing partner David. All I did was use the tools Belinda has lovingly taught me. The joy and happiness that David has brought to my life no words can express. We just bought a home together and are happily ENGAGED.

It is truly amazing! I feel extremely blessed that I have been able to work with Belinda and her amazing work has allowed David and my relationship to flourish! Belinda you truly are an inspiration and can’t I thank you enough! Forever Grateful!


Before I met Belinda I was kind of at a loss and had been for nearly two years.

I didn’t have a lot of direction or hope when it came to future relationships and dating seemed like a drag.

I felt like a failure after having two failed marriages. After doing Belinda’s program I now know that  I have all the tools to finding my soul mate and my true love.  In fact the night I finished Belinda’s program, I met a guy who danced with me, talked all night long and asked me on a date the next day!  But Im keeping my options open now I know I can attract the man that I really want…


The Love Codes course with Belinda Bailey changed my life.

Before meeting Belinda, I was resistant to being intimate with anyone but especiallymen, I had struggles being vulnerable and sharing my feelings, building trust with men and engaging with them on a level other than sexual. I had the belief that sex was my currency and therefore my value and that was the only thing men would want me for.

This course has completely shifted that belief for me and now I am attracting an abundance of high quality and lovely men who are treating me with respect and who are interested in getting to know me without any mention of sex or even a hint of sexual innuendo. This work has not only altered the way I interact with men but for the first time in my life, I feel true feelings of self-love, I am feeling loved, empowered, valued and seen. I also feel an extraordinary amount of gratitude that I was supported through this process by Belle and the other women in the

I can’t advocate for this process enough especially for women who are struggling to find the relationship they truly desire. I would HIGHLY recommend this course and working with Belle. She is a master and a true love guru. Belle, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! x


Founder & Speaker, The Influence Effect

Since working with Belinda Bailey I’ve been going on so many dates and meeting some awesome men! And I have been romanced like never before!

And then, about 6 weeks ago I met a keeper!! His name is Joe and he is the most romantic man I’ve ever met. Even a simple visit to his house to watch a movie involves
arriving to candles and wine. I saw the biggest change happen when I learnt about “transactional relating” from Belinda and when I implemented this technique he’s
gone absolutely mad for me and will rush off to do anything I want eagerly and willingly and actually get JOY out of it. He’s being the man, my knight and he is
overjoyed about playing this role. It’s such a surreal experience I often have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real! Thank you Belinda, you have been amazing!


Marketing Director

It takes a very courageous woman to deliver the message you are delivering to many women like myself. To empower and encourage women to change certain behaviors, behaviors which have been instilled in many of us since childhood. You are one inspirational lady, and you inspire me to want to do better for myself and my relationship.

There’s something about the way you speak and how you deliver your message. You wouldn’t be able to get that from a self help book! I still have lots of work to do, void practice, becoming more acquainted with fairy land
etc, but wanted to say thank you for making me “aware”. I think it’s in being aware of the things that I do and being aware of how I feel that is making a world of difference.


“…before I did the Love Codes, I found myself in relationships with men that didn’t quite meet me where I wanted to be met and capture my heart. Men that I was really attracted to and dated only ever turned out to be short term relationships. Something wasn’t quite clicking.

Through doing The Love Codes with Belinda, a lot changed. I had already done lots of growth work in other spaces, but Belinda brought so much richness and expansion to the topic of love and my relationships. There were 3 elements to the program specifically that completely changed the way I showed up in relation to men.

Through the program, I started to attract high quality men that had depth – which I previously doubted were out there.

After the program I had multiple high quality men that were pursuing me. I am now with a man who is incredible and constantly steps up to meet me in the ways I want and need. We are connected at an incredibly deep level. I have no doubt he’s ‘the guy’ and we continue to learn and grow in our relationship together.

Without The Love Codes, I believe I would still be in that old pattern of being in a relationship that doesn’t completely fulfil me and wondering if there was something more for me out there.

I would highly recommend the program.”


Before I met Belinda I was so guarded when it came to men, I was just not at all approachable.

And since doing the Juicy Relating program I put my new learnings into practice immediately.  I kept getting the exact results Id hoped for.  I started dating a guy and he started stepping up, sharing his feelings and being so sweet and we connected more deeply within 4 weeks than I have ever connected with someone before!!!

I’m just so happy that I now feel confident, vulnerable and deeply intimate with someone in the most satisfying way and It couldn’t have happened without Belinda!


Belinda is an exceptional and insightful coach. She has a great capacity to be both compassionate and direct which is effective in helping you to cut through your patterns and gain insight and positive action.

In the past, I have been quick to take the lead, to fix problems and take responsibility for correcting everything in the relationship to make it work. As a result I often ended up with unnecessary emotional stress with men who were ultimately incompatible and I was slow to see that due to my patterns. Belinda’s techniques have allowed me to assess men and their compatibility quicker, so I am more effective with my time and quicker to find more suited relationships.
I know my results wouldn’t have been otherwise possible because I have had to completely change some deep ingrained patterns of relating and try something that I would otherwise have been reluctant to try on my own accord without the guidance and coaching that Belinda has provided. Now I feel comfortable entering relationships feeling more confident that I can assess if I have found the right partner and save time, heartache and effort.

Festival Director, Seven Sisters Festival

I am deeply grateful to Belinda to now be in a know how to grow a wonderful, connected relationship.

I am a business woman who likes to get things done, therefore, when it came to my relationships I always stepping in and judging my partner when things were not being done how I wanted them to be done. I can sees now how this damaged the polarity, leading to the ending of potentially wonderful long term partnerships. I can now see how my new boyfriend responds when I let him take charge. It feels wonderful. Thank you Belinda. You’ve changed my life.


Before I met Belinda I was feeling hopeless and resigned about romantic relationships – the way to a man’s heart has always eluded me.

Like many women – I lacked a fundamental understanding of what is truly important for men, what they crave, why they do the things they do. Belinda completely shifted my paradigm of who men are and what is possible in romantic relationships. She got me in touch with my heart, my body, and my deepest desires.

I feel an ecstatic joy of new worlds of possibility. I now have what it takes to elicit and attract deep lasting love in my life.


Intimacy Coach

I finally understand relationships from a man’s point of view – what they seek and what they need and how we as females can always make him feel like the hero and provider and actually get our needs met.

I look back on the reasons my boyfriend and I broke up. I was just not allowing him to be in his masculine and approached things I needed in a way which pushed him away. We are deliriously happy since our reconciliation.

I can be vulnerable and love how he is now “allowed” to make me happy. I am still able to voice my upsets but now I have the tools to make progress,get what I need and not push him away. Surprisingly, My actions have actually inspired him to BECOME more masculine. I LOVE THAT!!


I can’t recommend Belinda or the Love Codes Training enough!

As a coach myself, and a woman already in a relationship I was curious to see what I would gain from the program, and honestly, if it was really what I needed.

After completing the training I can confidently say that whilst I went in already clear on my blocks/hurdles in
relationships (self-aware) what I gained (which has been invaluable) is the tools to change how I relate and
communicate within my relationship to create deeper connection and love. The program also changed how I view both of our behavior – it’s been eye-opening, humbling and empowering and I am very excited to continue to practice all I have learned as I now know these skills are indeed codes to even deeper love!

Thank-you Belle!”


Wholeness & self sovereignty coach

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Get to know the Love Codes

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