I’ve had the privilege of working with so many amazing women. Their feedback, opinions, thoughts & feelings are hugely valuable to me and hopefully also to you.

I was single when I started this work and now I am in a relationship that feels like nothing I have ever experienced.  I feel valued, supported and safe. Working with Belinda has made this possible.

I am allowing myself to be more and more vulnerable and the way this is being met is giving me more confidence to open myself up.
I have developed an ability to be more vulnerable (first by developing this with myself), speak from my feelings rather than the dominant and directive way of communicating; learnt to lean back and not control the way I used to and therefore, allow him to lead more and feel like my ‘hero’. Essentially I have stepped into being more in my feminine which was really just a cognitive idea until working with Belinda!

48 - Coach, Author, Speaker

Before I met Belinda I was a 31 year old woman divorced and living a life of chaos, not knowing who I was or where I was meant to be going.

I’d given up hope of any good relationship’s ever existing and had terrible relationship habits, that I couldn’t break.

3 months later my life changed! I met my amazing partner David. All I did was use the tools Belinda has lovingly taught me. The joy and happiness that David has brought to my life no words can express. We just bought a home together and are happily ENGAGED.

It is truly amazing! I feel extremely blessed that I have been able to work with Belinda and her amazing work has allowed David and my relationship to flourish! Belinda you truly are an inspiration and can’t I thank you enough! Forever Grateful!


Before I met Belinda I was kind of at a loss and had been for nearly two years.

I didn’t have a lot of direction or hope when it came to future relationships and dating seemed like a drag.

I felt like a failure after having two failed marriages. After doing Belinda’s program I now know that  I have all the tools to finding my soul mate and my true love.  In fact the night I finished Belinda’s program, I met a guy who danced with me, talked all night long and asked me on a date the next day!  But Im keeping my options open now I know I can attract the man that I really want…


I finally understand relationships from a man’s point of view – what they seek and what they need and how we as females can always make him feel like the hero and provider and actually get our needs met.

I look back on the reasons my boyfriend and I broke up. I was just not allowing him to be in his masculine and approached things I needed in a way which pushed him away. We are deliriously happy since our reconciliation.

I can be vulnerable and love how he is now “allowed” to make me happy. I am still able to voice my upsets but now I have the tools to make progress,get what I need and not push him away. Surprisingly, My actions have actually inspired him to BECOME more masculine. I LOVE THAT!!


Before I met Belinda I was so guarded when it came to men, I was just not at all approachable.

And since doing the Juicy Relating program I put my new learnings into practice immediately.  I kept getting the exact results Id hoped for.  I started dating a guy and he started stepping up, sharing his feelings and being so sweet and we connected more deeply within 4 weeks than I have ever connected with someone before!!!

I’m just so happy that I now feel confident, vulnerable and deeply intimate with someone in the most satisfying way and It couldn’t have happened without Belinda!


Belinda is an exceptional and insightful coach. She has a great capacity to be both compassionate and direct which is effective in helping you to cut through your patterns and gain insight and positive action.

In the past, I have been quick to take the lead, to fix problems and take responsibility for correcting everything in the relationship to make it work. As a result I often ended up with unnecessary emotional stress with men who were ultimately incompatible and I was slow to see that due to my patterns. Belinda’s techniques have allowed me to assess men and their compatibility quicker, so I am more effective with my time and quicker to find more suited relationships.
I know my results wouldn’t have been otherwise possible because I have had to completely change some deep ingrained patterns of relating and try something that I would otherwise have been reluctant to try on my own accord without the guidance and coaching that Belinda has provided. Now I feel comfortable entering relationships feeling more confident that I can assess if I have found the right partner and save time, heartache and effort. 

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