The 5 Juicy Relating Love Codes

Code 1: The Quantum Paradigm of Relationship | A “Revolutionary” Relationship Model
Code 2: Attractive Persuasion | Men “Patiently” Pursuing You
Code 3: Invisible Influence | Your Innate Wisdom Activates “The Hero Within” Him
Code 4: Heartbreak no more | No More Devastation
Code 5: ‘The Vulnerability Loop” HOW to be vulnerable and feel safe.  How to trust men for real

Get To Know The Love Codes – 3 Hour Audio Training



My Get to Know the Love Codes training is usually $495 but is included in this membership. This is one of my most sought after pieces of change work that has had an epic impact on hundreds of women’s love life.  It is a 3 hour audio training where you will be introduced to my 5 love codes. And be taken through neural change processes by me to help you see immediate change in your love life, whether you are single or in a relationship.  I know you will find it really valuable.