The 5 Juicy Relating Love Codes

Code 1: Attractive Persuasion = Men “Patiently” Pursuing You
Code 2: Hero Activation – Your Innate Wisdom Activates “The Hero Within” Him
Code 3: RE-CODE “The Heartbreak Cycle” = NO MORE HEARTACHE – Ever
Code 4: “The new Paradigm” – He’ll “Step Up” & Fall Deeply in Love.  Whilst you stay safe
Code 5: ‘The Vulnerability Loop” HOW to be vulnerable and feel safe.  How to trust men for real

Get To Know The Love Codes – 3 Hour Audio Training



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Discover the elusive key to consistent long term success in love with my 5 pillars of Juicy Relating. My 5 codes are covered in detail in over 3 hours of audio that you can download and listen to in your own time. This is a great introduction to learning more about your relationships, with actionable steps you can take right now!