Pathway to Love


This meditation (to be done on your own) that is based on Neural plasticity fundamentals is designed to facilitate a healing for your unique pathways of relating.

Just like we have neural pathways that are etched into our own behavioural circuitry, so too do we have pathways of relating that are etched into the circuitry of our relationship.

This short but powerful meditation is the first of 3 that will assist you in clearing those pathways of reaction and start to etch out powerful pathways of love again.

With regular practice you will find yourself in your everyday life feeling more love, especially toward your partner as well as seeing them act with more love and kindness towards you, even though its just you doing the mediation.

Be sure to listen to the instructions first.

i really hope you enjoy this mediation as much as I do and that your relationship is filled with love and gratitude for each other.

You are worthy.