I had a conversation the other day, where the ‘C’ word came up and I found that I was quite offended… A strange response to a word that is apparently often associated to women and their desires. I am, of course talking about commitment.commitment

I was a little outraged to be thought of as wanting a commitment and explained profusely how this weren’t the case and it were a ‘projection’

Relatively happy with my outcome of having set the record straight I eventually went to bed and sleep only to wake up feeling really angry with the work ‘commitment’ echoing through my mind…

What could this mean? Is it possible that I do want it? But the thought of it scared the crap out of me. The idea of it made me feel trapped, bored and caged. Or was it that I as a woman am ‘supposed’ to crave it? It seemed that deep down there was some sort of resonance, perhaps it were a cultural projection, a familial, ancestral belief.. or perhaps, I was simply frightened of it and wanted it at the same time.

Kudos and hats off to the wise and loving man that saw and called it in me and gracefully allowed me my rebellion and the time to come back around to it myself.

So the question is, what the hell is commitment anyway? Or more specifically, what are we committing to when we talk about it? What do we want it for? What’s its purpose?….

I’d love to get your thoughts and ideas on this topic as I can feel a very juicy blog brewing and of course it’s your thoughts and experiences that is the ripe fruit from where the juice is squeezed 😉

Thanks for reading, watching and sharing.

With love,