Hi I’m Belinda

Let’s face it, there are so many of us women who feel like our life is moving beautifully in most areas, but we still feel frustrated and confused when it comes to men! Love and relationships are crucially important to us, so why does it continue to elude us when we are smart and emotionally intelligent women?

Using my skills in Transpersonal Psychology, Neural and Behavioural change along with cutting edge Quantum Psychology, meditation and epigenetics, I help people to rewire their neurology and live the life and relationships they desire.

I am living proof that you can have the relationship you desire

6 Types of Attraction

Have you ever wondered about your attraction type? I have distilled our attraction down to 6 categories.
Some of which lead to healthy relating and some of which lead to destructive connections.

The Poison Blurt process is a neuro plasticity process that will powerfully change your destructive unconscious beliefs around relationship and provide you with a lifeline out of the old and into a new, upgraded way to be in a relationship.

Love Life Spectrum Profile

Find out where you are on the Love Life Spectrum and so that you can bring wisdom and transformation to attracting the right partner or transforming your current relationship.


“I was single when I started this work and now, I am in a relationship that feels like nothing I have ever experienced. I feel valued, supported and safe. My partner and I are still together and going strong. Working with Belinda has made this possible”.

48 – Coach, Author, Speaker


“Before I met Belinda I was a 31, divorced and living a life of chaos, not knowing who I was or where I was meant to be going. 3 months later my life changed, when I met my amazing partner David.

I feel extremely blessed that I have been able to work with Belinda. Belinda’s amazing work has allowed David and my relationship to flourish! Belinda you truly are an inspiration and we can not thank you enough! We are now happily married with a beautiful daughter. Forever Grateful”.


“Before I met Belinda I was guarded when it came to men. I was not at all approachable. Since doing the Juicy Relating program, I put my new learnings into practice immediately. I am just so happy. I feel confident, open to being vulnerable and able to be deeply intimate with someone, in the most satisfying way. It could not have happened without Belinda.”.


“I felt like a failure after having two failed marriages. After doing Belinda’s program, I now have all the tools to find my soul mate and my true love. The night I finished Belinda’s program, I met a guy who danced with me, talked all night long and asked me on a date the next day”.


“When I started the course, I never expected that I would meet my life partner. Belle taught techniques to help identify, attract and nurture a romantic connection that is perfect for me. I highly recommend Belinda’s work to any woman who is wanting to increase the calibre and compatibility of partners in her life

The guidance and coaching that Belinda has provided means that I now feel comfortable entering relationships. I feel more confident that I can assess whether or not I have found the right partner, saving time, heartache and effort. I now live with my partner and we are happily planning our future together”.


“The Love Codes course with Belinda Bailey changed my life. I falsely believed that sex was my currency and therefore that was the only thing men would want me for.

This course has completely shifted that belief. Now I am attracting an abundance of high quality, lovely men who are treating me with respect. This work has not only altered the way I interact with men, but for the first time in my life, I feel true feelings of self-love.

I would HIGHLY recommend this course and working with Belle. She is a master and a true love guru. Belle, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU”.


Since working with Belinda Bailey I have been going on so many dates and meeting some awesome men! I have been romanced like never before. Excitingly, I recently met a keeper and he is the most romantic man I’ve ever met.

I saw the biggest change happen when I learnt about ‘transactional relating’ from Belinda. My new man is my knight and importantly, he is overjoyed about playing this role.

It is such a surreal experience I often have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real. Thank you Belinda, you have been amazing”.

Marketing Director


“I can not recommend Belinda or the Love Codes Training enough!

As a coach myself, and a woman already in a relationship, I was curious to see what I would gain from the program.

It has been an eye-opening, humbling and empowering experience. I am very excited to practice all I have learned. These skills are indeed codes to even deeper love. Thank-you Belle”.

Wholeness & Self Sovereignty coach