The Void Practice

The Void Practice

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To be used in conjunction with the Love Codes, 3-month training intensive. The Void Practice is a simple Neuroplasticity tool to help you access your natural yet untapped relationship wisdom. Through this practice, I will walk by your side as you remember how to stand in your feminine power and grace to attract deeply fulfilling relationship satisfaction

Belinda is a consultant, educator, and facilitator who uses her training and skills in Transpersonal Psychology, Neural and Behavioural Change, cutting-edge Quantum PsychologyMeditation and Epigenetics to help people rewire their neurology and live the life and relationships of their choice.

Belinda has been running programs and sessions in Human transformation and human potential for over 20 years. With her flagship relationship program ‘Love Codes’ as her most popular program to date.


‘Before I met Belinda I was feeling hopeless and resigned about romantic relationships – the way to a man’s heart has always eluded me’.

Intimacy Coach


‘Belinda is an exceptional and insightful coach. She has a great capacity to be both compassionate and direct which is effective in helping you to cut through your patterns and gain insight and positive action’.

Festival Director, Seven Sisters Festival


‘Before I met Belinda, I was a 31 year old woman divorced and living a life of chaos, not knowing who I was or where I was meant to be going’.